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Comprehensive range of tree care solutions


Tree Care Service Overview

We undertake a wide variety of tree care services, from general tidy-ups (thinning, dead wooding, hedge maintenance) to more substantial tree shaping, size reduction and, where necessary, partial dismantling and tree felling where there is a health & safety issue or where disease has unfortunately taken hold. We liaise with local authorities and conservation groups where trees are located within a conservation or SSSI area, or are under a tree preservation order (TPO). We work to BS 3998 standards and always within all safety standards. We carry extensive public liability insurance cover and are Environment Agency registered waste carriers. We cover a wide area including Berkshire, North Hampshire, West London and South Oxfordshire. Contact us for further details.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a reduction in the height or spread of the crown of the tree and can be used to reduce mechanical stress on selected limbs or the entire crown.

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Crown Raising

Crown raising is the removal of the lowest limbs, or to prepare the lower canopy for removal in the future by shortening the length to good growth points.

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Crown thinning is the removal of a selected number of smaller/thinner limbs, mainly on the outer crown, to produce an even thinning across the crown.

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A tree, or section of a tree, may need to be removed for a number of reasons, such as canopies extending over buildings, landscape features, swimming pools and service cables.

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Directional felling is undertaken after careful consideration has been made on where the tree is to be felled, such as the proximity of buildings and the wind direction and ground conditions.

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Dead Wood Removal

Dead wooding is the removal of all dead wood in the canopy, generally branches up to 10-20mm in diameter.

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Hedge Maintenance

Hedges are a beautiful, natural way of denoting boundaries between properties but do require regular attention. Hedge maintenance is commonly carried out annually or twice a year, depending on species.

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Land Development

GoodWood Tree Surgery Ltd. offers many services related to land development, including: Building development (BS 5837); land clearance; timber extraction; the removal of diseased or failed harvest crops

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